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Paladin Roleplaying Antique Bronze Metal Dice Set, In Presentation Tin

Paladin Roleplaying Antique Bronze Metal Dice Set, In Presentation Tin

  • SOLID METAL roleplaying dice, guaranteed to impress!
  • Full set of polyhedral dice: D4, D6, D8, D10 (marked with single units), D10 (percentile - marked in tens), D12, D20
  • Easy to read numbering, with underscoring on 6 and 9, and high precision manufacture for accurate rolling
  • For Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) and all role playing games and wargames
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Just imagine the look on your friend's faces when you turn up with this incredible, solid metal rpg dice set, in it's own specially crafted presentation tin.

Normal plastic dice will never seem the same again...

Paladin Roleplaying are proud to present the pinnacle of roleplaying dice - a full set of weighty, solid metal dice with a beautiful high quality antique bronze finish.

The dice are made of a zinc alloy for maximum heft and weight, with a tough nickel coating to make sure that they don't chip or scratch.


The tin has custom made foam padding with shaped holes for each die - A great display case, and also keeps the dice safe and secure.


Whether you're looking for a special new set of dice for yourself, or the perfect gift for a roleplaying fan, Paladin's Metal Dice Set is exactly what you need...


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Okay, I did a LOT of research to find the best dice to buy. I wanted metal, with a great color, well-balanced and good quality. These dice are all those things times 100! The weight of them just feels amazing in my hand, the color is different and just stunning. The quality of the dice, and their packaging, case, etc. is top notch. I just love them and I feel like I'll be rolling natural 20's consistently in no time ;) THANK YOU PALADIN!!

Simon W.
United Kingdom

Seriously serious dice ...

These are seriously substantial dice, beautifully made and presented. I still seem to roll plenty of misses but I can't blame these beauties for that!

Rich H

Perfect weight and look a work of art!

These dice are a work of art. They look lovely, almost like antique bronze, but what really sets them apart is the weight, they're PERFECT. And well balanced, recommended!

United Kingdom

A new role dawns!

I love the feel of these dice. They're heavy and there is a great satisfaction hearing them thunder across the table top. The carry case is very swish - I much prefer it to a dangling sack that clicks in your pocket. Really amazing design!

Gabriel  verified customer review of Paladin Roleplaying Antique Bronze Metal Dice Set, In Presentation Tin
Tony Trueman-Jones

Best Table Shakers

I bought both the steel & bronze coloured dice and I couldn’t have got better sets. As a DM, I found that I can easily put the fear of Bhaal in all my players every time the table shakes with my dice roll. When I smile (which is often) they know that my table shakers have crit ... Bwahahahahaha!!!

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