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New Kickstarter Is Live!

Get involved, here:

How does Kickstarter work?

Kickstarter allows you to make a pledge towards a product (in this case some very cool dice) as a way of pre-ordering them before they've been made. Your pledges makes it possible for the project to go ahead.

Why Are You Doing A Kickstarter?

We have TONS of new dice designs in prototype, and Kickstarter allows  to get the very best ones into production much more quickly than we'd  be able to out on our own.
Plus, Kickstarter is the perfect way to  make sure that our offerings meet your requirements. By voting for the  colors you want to see, we make sure we only make the dice you really  want!

How do I get involved?

It's easy, even if you've never used Kickstarter before, just visit the project page: