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What is a Kickstarter, Anyway?

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform. It allows you to make a 'pledge' towards a new product - in this case some very cool new dice designs. We set a target for the total pledge level we need, and if we reach the target by the end of the kickstarter (XXXDATEXXXX) then the project goes ahead, and loads of new dice get born!

We also have stretch goals - which are additional targets above our base. every time we hit a stretch goal, some new dice or other cool stuff is unlocked. We also have some very cool stuff lined up for stretch goals!

Why are we doing a Kickstarter?

We have LOADS of cool new dice designs here in prototype, but we're a small a family run company and it's expensive to bring prototypes into full production. We'd get there eventually on our own, but we'd love to get these awesome dice to your gaming table much quicker - kickstarter allows us to do that.

How do I take part?

Just head over to this link: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

How can I help?

The success of a kickstarter depends on getting the word out far and wide. So if you'd like to support the project, please share on social media, and tell your friends. The more people who get on board, the more stretch goals we unlock, and the more cool dice we can bring to life!

When will the dice be available?

We'll begin manufacturing the dice immediately after the kickstarter ends. It'll take us around XXXXXX, so we should be able to send them out by XXXX, earlier if we can!

How do I let you know which dice I want?

Everyone who makes a pledge in the kickstarter will be contacted as soon as it ends with a simple survey, where you can select which dice set(s) you'd like

Will these new dice be available outside of the Kickstarter?

We will certainly make more sets than we need to fulfill the demands of the Kickstarter - the extra sets will be available later this year on our website, and Amazon, for shipping to the EU and USA.

If you're not in the EU or USA, then the kickstarter is probably your only chance to get these dice. If you are in the EU or USA, then you'll be able to buy the dice after the kickstarter ends, but they will be higher priced, and you won't benefit from the free shipping that we're offering in the kickstarter.

Plus it'll be a bit of a wait before we offer them for general sale - priority will obviously go to people who have taken part in the kickstarter.


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