Starfarer 'Polaris' Clear / Blue 8D6 dice
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Starfarer 'Polaris' Clear / Blue 8D6 dice

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  • Beautiful sci-fi themed bi-colour dice - opaque blue swirled in to a clear transparent base with a small amount of chunky silver glitter that calls to mind stars in the night sky. A futuristic font completes the science fiction theme
  • Full pack of 8 six-sided D6 dice, standard size (16mm)
  • EASY TO READ numbering in a futuristic font, and high precision manufacture for accurate, fair rolling
  • Ideal for dungeons and dragons (dnd), and D6 based games such as Coriolis, Alien, Those Dark Places, Scum & Villainy, Shadowrun, Lazers and Feelings, Traveller, Ashen Stars, Paranoia etc
  • Comes in mini black organza drawstring bag; Also with 1 year manufacturer's warranty