'Blood God' Red and Brown Marble 8 D6 Dice Set
'Blood God' Red and Brown Marble 8 D6 Dice Set
'Blood God' Red and Brown Marble 8 D6 Dice Set
'Blood God' Red and Brown Marble 8 D6 Dice Set
'Blood God' Red and Brown Marble 8 D6 Dice Set
Paladin Roleplaying

'Blood God' Red and Brown Marble 8 D6 Dice Set

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    • Beautiful pearl effect bi-color dice set - marbled red and chestnut brown with pale cream numbering
    • Full set of 8 D6 dice, 16mm across (the same size as the polyhedral RPG set)
    • Ideal for a range of wargames and tabletop RPGs that use 6-sided dice: Open D6, Tunnels and Trolls (T&T), Fighting Fantasy, Wu-shu, Shadowrun, GURPS, Cyberpunk, Warhammer etc Also great for rolling characters in Dungeons & Dragons (dnd) and Pathfinder
    • EASY TO READ numbering and high precision manufacture for accurate, fair rolling
    • Comes in mini black organza drawstring bag
    • Also with 1 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Also available in D10 sets, polyhedral RPG sets and individually.

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Chloe T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Very nice dice!

Love the feel of these dice, they feel very balanced and it shows with the rolls. They arrived quickly so I was able to use them for my next D&D session

Sean R.
United States
Of all the dice I’ve loved before...

I recently purchased several different sets of dual colored dice: Blood God, Claws of Darkness and Purple Worm. The color quality and weight either met or exceeded my initial expectations. For those reasons alone, I would purchase more sets from Paladin. The only caveat, and not enough to take off a star, would be quality control concerning the overall balance of each die. My assumption is that due to the manufacturing method, there’s no way to ensure a good, overall weighted balance to acrylic dice. Also, the imperfections in weighted balance may not have much impact on overall rolling results, given the general geometry of gaming dice and I am not sufficiently schooled in physics to say one way or another.