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Get cool dice, plus exclusive bonuses and extras every month! Here's what's included:
  • Get your hands on our brand new Green Metal RPG Dice Set or our deluxe Bloodstone Dice
  • In the first month you'll get the gold storage tin and the D20, then you get another gold dice every month until your collection is complete! 
  • Plus you'll get a full Acrylic Dice Set every month, selected at random from our collection
  • Plus a Free Gift every month - this could be extra dice, or something completely different. We'll keep mixing it up with funky bits and pieces that have in our warehouse or that we source from our friends in roleplaying-land. Many of these will be exclusives, not otherwise for sale!
  • You save over 20% just on the dice, with the free gifts on top!
  • Monthly subscription
  • Cancel at any time
  • Choose to receive just RPG/Polyhedral sets, or to also get D6 and/or D10 sets - choose your option and we'll mix and match to make sure you get the kind of dice you need

To keep admin to a minimum, we will only be open the dice subscription to new members twice per year. The next opportunity to join is coming very soon! To be notified when we open up again, just enter your details in the box at the top of the page!