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Red D4 Dice - 10D4 'Healing Potion' Set

Red D4 Dice - 10D4 'Healing Potion' Set


Just what you need for rolling up the effects of a healing potion in DnD or Pathfinder.

2D4 are used for a standard healing potion, 4D4 for a Greater Healing Potion, 8D4 for a Superior Healing potion, and if you're lucky enough to get one, the full 10D4 for a Supreme Healing Potion

With a subtle pearl-like shimmer, they look fantastic, and with Paladin's high quality manufacture guarantee, you can be sure of the highest level of precision, with accurate rolling every time.

The dice are easy to read, with large, clear numbering

Comes with full 1 year manufacturer's 'no quibbles' warranty.

  • Full set of 10 D4, enough to roll the effects of any kind of Healing Potion in DnD or Pathfinder
  • Comes in a clear plastic tube, so you can just pop off the cap and roll the dice straight out as you 'down' your potion, to determine how many HP it restores.
  • Easy to read numbering, and high precision manufacture for accurate rolling
  • Beautiful pearl effect red, with clear white numbers
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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