Hi, I'm Neil, and I'm the Chief Paladin here at Paladin Roleplaying.

I've been playing roleplaying games (along with occasional forays into wargames, boardgames and LARP) for quite a few years. I won't say how old I am, but let's just say I started with Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition (back in the day when it was still called AD&D and not just D&D!)

And over the years, I've searched and searched for really good quality dice and accessories... but I was often disappointed.

I found it hard to find dice that were fair and well balanced as well as beautiful to look at and easy to read. I got fed up squinting to see what number I'd rolled, and frustrated with poorly balanced dice that kept rolling the same number.

So eventually, in desperation, I decided that I had to take matters into my own hands, and a few years ago in 2017, Paladin Roleplaying was born.

Our aim is simple - to get gorgeous dice and roleplaying accessories out onto gaming tables around the world!

When it comes to dice we have 3 key aims:

Gorgeous To Look At

This one doesn't need any explanation. We all want beautiful dice. So we spend countless hours dreaming up and experimenting with different colours and materials to make the best looking dice possible. We make dice that help you to stand out at the gaming table.

Fair And Well-Balanced

We test each and every new batch of dice to make sure they've come out well balanced and will roll fairly. There's nothing worse than unbalanced dice! 

Easy To Read

This is a big one! You might notice that we don't make 'fancy' dice with lots of swirly illustrations all round the numbers.

Why not? because they might look good in your hand, but when you actually play with them they're hard to read. And when you're going for all important roll - a death save, or the blow that could finish off the Big Bad - nothing kills the suspense like not being able to see what you've rolled!

So that's us...

We're growing fast, but we're still a small family owned company. We ship worldwide, and our base is Devon, UK.

We're friendly folk, and we love to hear from you! You can drop us a mail, and we'll always reply - feel free to ask questions, give feedback, or just say 'hi'!