We're looking for selfies and video reviews for our website. And all you have to do to enter is submit one!


- EVERYONE who submits both a written review AND either a selfie or a video gets a 10% discount voucher, good for our whole range of products
- The best written review and selfie combo also wins a selection of impossible-to-buy special dice from our collection:

- A set of limited edition slate dice, with 'alternate inking' - gold numbers instead of the usual white
- A beautiful first prototype of our Dragon's Fire dice set - not available for sale, anywhere!
- An oversized blue D30
- And a Paladin drawstring bag to keep them all in

And it doesn't stop there...

We'd also love for you to submit a short video review. You don't have to, you'll still be entered into the selfie contest if you don't submit a video, but there's even cooler prizes for those that do...

The best VIDEO review wins the MONSTER dice bundle:

- As set of solid metal 'blood dice' - gorgeous grey/black metal with red numbering, in metal tin. We only ever made one set of these, and it's going to the video winner!
- A full set of now completely sold-out limited edition Gnome dice (this may be the last set available in the entire world!)
- A tube of mixed D20s from our range (you can never have too many D20s, right?)
- An oversized red D30
- And a Paladin drawstring bag to keep them all in


To post selfies and video reviews, use the link in the email you were sent with the title 'We'd love feedback... (Big prizes to be won!)'

If you didn't get the email, or need it re-sent, drop us line!

First of all write your written review, and you'll be sent to a page where you can then upload your pictures and/or videos to enter the competition


  • This competition runs only until the end of April
  • Selfies must be a picture of you, with the product you're reviewing clearly visible
  • Videos must also show you, and the product you're reviewing
  • Selfies and vidoes must be posted to our website (at www.paladinroleplaying.com) to be entered into the competition
  • Submit a video review AND a selfie to enter into both competitions
  • You may leave more than 1 review if you have more than 1 of our products, each review is a separate entry into the contest
  • You must enter your name when submitting a review (so we know who has won!)
  • By entering you give us permission to use your written review, photos and videos in any future marketing for Paladin Roleplaying

Good luck!