It's a pretty simple idea - we're looking for the coolest pictures featuring Paladin dice, and we have some neat prizes for the best ones. Here's the low-down:

- Take as many pictures as you like, and put them on instagram with the hashtag #paladinroleplaying (feel free to add them to other social media too, if you feel like it!)
- The only rule is the pictures must contain paladin dice of some kind. Apart from that, you can be as inventive as you like! Your pictures can be creative, quirky, simple or just plain beautiful. Action shots, or still close-ups, whatever you can think of!
- You have until the end of August to get you entires up on instagram, then we'll judge

Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: A super limited edition Paladin Roleplaying dice bundle featuring some of our best-sellers alongside a bunch of cool prototypes that you literally can't buy anywhere!

A full silver 7-dice set, in presentatioin tin
A grogeous prototype set of red and orange fire dice
A funky set of prototype clear purple speckled dice
A very shiny and lovely copper colored D20
2 pink metallic D10 for rolling percentages
A tube of mixed color D6s
And to finish of the bundle with something a little different, a great oversize green D30

Plus there are 3 x Runners up prizes of Paladin T-shirts

SO... get snapping, and good luck!