Black Metal D6 Dice - Set of Six
Black Metal D6 Dice - Set of Six
Black Metal D6 Dice - Set of Six
Black Metal D6 Dice - Set of Six
Paladin Roleplaying

Black Metal D6 Dice - Set of Six

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Just imagine the look on your friend's faces when you turn up with this incredible, solid metal dice set - Normal plastic dice will never seem the same again...

Paladin Roleplaying are proud to present the pinnacle of gaming dice - a full set of six jet black, weighty, solid metal dice with a beautiful high quality finish.

These unusual dice are certain to impress and give you the 'cool' factor!

The dice are easy to read, with large, clear white numbering

They are made to a high level of precision, guaranteeing accurate rolling every time.

Comes with full 1 year manufacturer's 'no quibbles' warranty.

Also available in RPG sets and individually.


Whether you're looking for a special new set of dice for yourself, or the perfect gift for a wargaming or roleplaying fan, Paladin's Metal D6 Dice Set is exactly what you need...

  • Be the envy of your gaming buddies with these deluxe SOLID METAL dice, with a heavy feel and beautiful quality metallic finish - they feel amazing to roll!
  • Full set of 6 dice, 14mm across with clear, easy to read white numbers
  • Ideal for a range of wargames and tabletop RPGs that use 6-sided dice: Open D6, Tunnels and Trolls (T&T), Fighting Fantasy, Wu-shu, Shadowrun, GURPS, Cyberpunk, Warhammer etc Also great for rolling characters in Dungeons & Dragons (dnd) and Pathfinder
  • High precision manufacture for accurate, fair rolling
  • Paladin's HIGH QUALITY manufacturing process keeps the dice looking at their best - they won't chip or scratch; Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty